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✔Smart Functionality: The lab moisture analyzer can store 2000 audit trail data. allows you to preset and stores up to 100 groups of research methods for a quick and easy measurement. No need to reconfigure drying settings. With RS232 and USB-A ports. moisture tester can connect USB-A port to USB flash disk, printer or computer to output the data. Also, moisture analyzer offers five kinds of result display, moisture content %, solid content %, wet-weight, dry-weight and moisture regain %.
✔TOUCH SCREEN, INTUITIVE CONTROLS: moisture analyzers incorporate a high-definition 5” LCD color touch panel. You can easily switch between 3 drying modes (standard, fast, and soft) and 3 ending modes (automatic, manual, and timing). With the automatic test, the measuring device will alert you once the sample has lost its moisture. In this way, every user can use the desired functions in order to deliver an accurate and efficient measurement of samples.
✔RAPID RESULTS: The moisture analyzer quickly dry samples with a powerful and accurate (40-180℃) halogen lamp. High accuracy sensor ensures fast dehydration and accurate measurement results. saving you time and money. The scientific analyzer can be used for food, plants, grain, minerals, chemicals, soil, wood, paper, textile, etc. Moisture balances can measure moisture content in the range of 0-100% and Min adjustable temperature: ±1℃; Heating time range: 2-100min.
✔If you conduct moisture analysis for quality control or for lab work, a small inaccuracy can compromise your product or ruin your experiment. We know how a 1-3% change in moisture content can make all the difference in your product or sample’s quality. That’s why this moisture analyzer has a moisture accuracy of ±0.2%(sample ≥2g). This is based on moisture readability of 0.02% and a repeatability of 0.2%. These results are driven by balance accurate up to 1mg and halogen light accurate to ±1˚C.
✔HASSLE-FREE SERVICE: 2 stainless steel sample pans, sturdy and durable, can be used multiple times. Includes one calibration weight, 100g. pan holder, sample remover. The moisture scale can be set up in minutes and comes with a user manual. Every moisture balance we sell is tested for accuracy and precision before sale. If there is any problem with the product, Please contact us at any time.