About this RD series 0.1g item

The digital electronic balance scale has strong strain gauge sensor; a stainless steel weighing pan; and a durable ABS body. Large stainless steel pan that can easily hold chemicals, powders, herbs, jewelry, precious metals, tickets, coins and other small items. The built-in counting function can total multiple pieces automatically potentially saving you time and money tallying inventory and other items.
Feature: Easy-to-read high-definition LCD display. Sustainable weighing, Print(optional), Counting, Tare, Easy conversions between grams (g), ounces (oz), carats (ct), pounds (lb), GSM, KG, DWT etc. RS232 interface(optional). Our products do not contain batteries, Does not contain RS232 data line. 0.1g precision scale without calibration weight
Advantage: Accurate weighing, fast stability, simple operation and complete function, and is suitable for rapidly determining the quality and quantity of objects in industry, agriculture, commerce, school, scientific research and other units.
Preheating time: 10-30mins,Stabilization time: ≤5s,Linearity error: ±0.3g.
HIGH ACCURACY PRECISION: The electronic weighing scale has a high 0.1g precision. To ensure accuracy, the gram scale features a built-in level; adjustable leveling feet; an overload alarm; error indication; and external calibration(0.1g accuracy products do not include Calibration Weight). Every balance is calibrated, tested and inspected before it is shipped to our customers.